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Welcome to the New AppleCheeks Blog! This is a blog post! YAY!


A Brand New One-Size Tutorial!


Replacing Elastics – The Tutorial

A huge thanks to Alyssa Nelson of for putting together this great tutorial about how to replace the elastic on your AppleCheeks Envelope covers! If you would like us to replace them for you, please use the email us form to get in touch!

Recently I purchased a couple of used AppleCheeks Size 2 covers. The previous owner said she only had them 2-3 months. Well, I over paid for what I got! The Coriander cover needed both leg elastics and the back elastic replaced and I could have replaced the front elastic also but chose to wait because I had two toddlers crawling all over me during this process and it didn’t need it as much as the other three places. I want to say that AppleCheeks are by far the easiest diaper I have to replace elastic, all because it is serged on the outside so there is no casing to have thread through or top stitching that the elastic could have been caught in depending on manufacturing steps. So here is how I replaced the elastic in the Coriander cover. Excuse the somewhat blurred pictures my point and shoot doesn’t focus as well as my DSL camera:

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Featured Retailer – Baby, Naturally LLC

1. What is the name of your store? Baby, Naturally LLC

2. What is the web link to your store?

3. Are you brick and mortar or online or both? Just online for right now.  I run the store out of my home, but I would love to have a brick and mortar someday.

4. How long have you been carrying AppleCheeks? The store originally opened in August of 2009 and we started carrying AppleCheeks day 1.

5. Do you ship to countries other than your own? I do.  I inherited a few Norwegian customers from the previous owner.

6. What are your customers saying about AppleCheeks? They love the trimness and fit! They’re essential under certain outfits and they’re so gosh darn adorable!  I’ve also been told that if you use more than one insert, they’re great for overnight use.

7. What are your other top sellers?

CJ’s All Natural BUTTer.  The stuff smells SO delicious I have to refrain from licking my child every time I use it!  My friend’s daughter walks around the house just smelling the container.

That and Rockin’ Green detergent.  That stuff really works miracles!

8. What would you like us to know about your store or yourself? I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more cloth diapers!  I had to buy a company just to feed the addiction.  I’m also seriously addicted to cooking broccoli in the oven.  If you haven’t tried it, you should!  It’ll change your life.  I love my family more than anything in the world.  So there you are, my 3 great loves in no particular order…cloth diapers, oven roasted broccoli and my family.

You can read more about the philosophy of my store here.

9. Where can we find you? Twitter, Facebook, Blog

10. Any sales we should know about? I’m giving samples of both CJ’s BUTTer and Rockin’ Green in my first 10 orders since I reopened the store.  5 more to go!



Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!

Well, we hope it is where you are, anyways, because spring is taking its time around these neck of the woods. But this week the sun is shining and temperatures are promising to get up where we expect them to be and where Ilana lives the municipal pool opens in two short weeks!

And just in time, as you saw on Thursday, we introduced you to the new colours of our super popular, super well reviewed Washable Swim Diapers. We’ve had a lot of questions about our diaper and how it’s different from other diapers, so let us tell you!

The AppleCheeks Washable Swim Diaper is the only one of its kind out there! It’s the softest, best-fitting swim diaper you’ll ever try. The reason for this is that we’ve incorporated our signature double row of snaps, meaning you get a perfect fit at the thigh AND the waist, not one at the expense of the other. We all know how important good fit is in a daily diaper, but it’s even MORE important in a swim diaper. Why, you ask? Well, you know all that water swishing around your baby? Its only purpose is to spread stuff around, and that’s something we don’t want to see happen with your baby’s poop in the pool, right?

An adjustable Swim Diaper is very important as we don’t want to give poop the chance to escape. And our Washable Swim Diaper features elastic at the legs, back AND tummy for a really snug fit.

The lining of our diaper is a fine polyester mesh and the outer is the same knit polyester that you’ll find on our regular diapers, only unlaminated. This combination of fabrics allows water to move in and out of the diaper but makes sure any solids (including breastmilk poop because it’s thicker than water) stay nicely inside, giving you time to get baby out of the pool and changed. There are no plastic or vinyl components to our diaper because all those elements achieve is to nicely channel water and poop straight out of the diaper into the pool, which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole exercise.

A question we get pretty frequently is how come there is no absorbency in our Washable Swim Diaper? And what does one do with baby when they are out of the pool having their snack? Any absorbency in a washable swim diaper will quickly get saturated with water the minute the baby enters the pool, and it causes weight and drag, neither of which you want when your little one is floating around in the pool!

Once baby is out of the pool we recommend either changing him into a regular diaper or wrapping him in a towel as chances are pretty good that he’s out for a bit he will pee!

And here are the official photos, should you want to spread the word 🙂



Samoan Sunset

Siesta Key

Happy Swimming!