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Press Releases 10/14/09 "MONTREAL (Quebec), October 14, 2009 — AppleCheeks is excited to announce that it has been awarded the influential PTPA Media Inc’s Green Seal of Approval for excellence in parenting products for its ecological  super trendy line of reusable diapers. (...)" Read full article > 06/25/08 "MONTREAL (Quebec), June 25, 2008 — "Show us those happy, dry cheeks! New AppleCheeks launches a next-generation washable diaper designed and manufactured in Canada. The new diaper incorporates the very latest techno fibres in a modern spin on the traditional cloth diaper. The result: exceptional performance, a minimum of muss or fuss, and a sleek, stylish look for baby. Plus a host of support tools for converts to washable diapering. (...)"Read full article >

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04/30/11 — Review AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper — "The one thing I learned very quickly was that I much prefer a sized diaper as opposed to one that grows with your child (...).", April, 2011 Read full article >

03/22/11 — Keep Your Tot Covered With Applecheeks Cloth Diapers — "Applecheeks, which designs some of the best cloth dipes we’ve ever seen, uses a smart system that includes envelope covers (...).", March, 2011 Read full article >

03/14/11 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers — "(...) pajamas were dry. So, the overnight performance of AppleCheeks is fantastic. That is great for us (...) ", March, 2011 Read full article >

02/18/11 — Non-disposable income Cloth diapers: Montreal women have the business all wrapped up — "Design innovations have made some of them as easy to use as disposable diapers, and flush-able liners help take away the "ick" factor." ALISON MACGREGOR, The Gazette January 31, 2011 Read full article >

01/20/11 — What Shell Be Wearing — "One of the biggest things I love about AppleCheeks is that it’s a two size system.", Jan. 2011 Read full article >


12/15/10 — Review + Giveaway : AppleCheeks Swim Diaper — "Holy Absorbency! I took baby girl out for what should have been a five minute trip and we ended up being out for over two hours. This. insert. ROCKS. It was so wet, but so absorbent- it didn’t leak, drip- nothing!", Dec. 2010 Read full article >

12/09/10 — Review + Giveaway : AppleCheeks Swim Diaper — "(...) for those of you have never used a reusable swim diaper before, let me tell ya that it holds in solids (...)", Dec. 2010 Read full article >

11/15/10 — AppleCheeks Cloth Review — "(...) has SUPER sensitve skin so I prefer to use this diaper as an All-In-One in order to have the stay dry micofleece against his skin.(...)", Nov. 2010 Read full article >

11/15/10 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway — "It was a really nice fit! No leaks, no problems! I love, love, love how absorbent the bamboo insert is!", Nov. 2010 Read full article >

11/08/10 — Cloth Swim Diapers (AMAZING) Review & Giveaway — "I like the sleek design. My son seemed quite comfortable in it and played for quite a while. It was easy to clean and did not stain at all. I am very impressed.", Nov. 2010 Read full article >

11/08/10 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Review Giveaway — "The insert is a One Size Rayon from Bamboo Insert, and it is AMAZING!!! It has a wonderful soft feeling that I knew would not irritate little man's bum.", Nov. 2010 Read full article >

11/02/10 — AppleCheeks LittleBundle Giveaway — "I really love them because they are super trim, super cute, have awesome names, snap closures, and because I don't have to un-stuff!", Nov. 2010 Read full article >

10/26/10 — AppleCheeks Review & Giveaway —"I have been using this diaper for a month now and I really love this diaper. It fits Libby (she's 37 lbs) so well! It's probably the trimmest diaper I ever tried for her.", Oct 2010 Read full article >

10/26/10 — AppleCheeks & Fluff Envy Review — "Not to mention, that whenever I’ve had an issue with the diapers, Applecheeks has had the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. They are always quick to respond and make their customers happy.", Oct 2010 Read full article >

10/21/10 — "(...)Charlee has thicker thighs and a skinny waist so I love how you can snap the bottom snaps looser or tighter setting wise and the top you can also do and that they don't have to be lined up. Some diapers i have come across have a gap either in her waist or her thighs.(...)", Oct 2010 Read full article >

08/30/10 — AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers — "(...) This diaper is one of the best made diapers I own. It is super soft, continues to be super soft and the hardware is strong. I have popped a snap off of a few brands of diapers but I have not done this with AppleCheeks. (...)", June 2010 Read full article >

08/30/10 — Welcome To Applecheeks Week!!!! —"(...)Told you they were awesome.(...)", August 2010 Read full article >

08/24/10 — Making the Transition to Cloth Diapers — "(...)I eventually struck gold with Apple Cheeks, based out of Canada(...)", August 2010 Read full article >

08/24/10 — AppleCheeks Diapers Giveaway — "Dawson wore this diaper for 3 hours during the day and there wasnt a single leak and no rash to be seen. He then wore this diaper for 12 hours overnight and since Dawson is a very heavy wetter i added an extra gloth (gdiapers) and he did not leak. Very reliable diaper.", August 2010. Read full article >

08/17/10 — AppleCheeks Diaper Review & Giveaway — "I’m really impressed with this diaper. It wears and washes well, it absorbs well, and it lasts the longest for night time. I got a tip from a fellow cloth diaper mama and I used a micro-terry insert, wrapped it with the bamboo pre-fold and put it in the Apple Cheeks. Liam slept for 5 hours in it before it leaked. When we took the diaper off he had SOAKED it. That diaper was holding a ton.", August 2010. Read full article >

08/11/10 — AppleCheeks {Review & Giveaway} — "AppleCheeks are also very "Daddy friendly diapers". My hubby loves this diaper. It has an extra wide pocket to stuff the insert in, big enough for Daddy's hands and the insert's come right out in the wash. (...)", August 2010. Read full article >

08/09/10 — Fluffdom Express: Mothering Grace: AppleCheeks {Review & Giveaway} —"AppleCheeks diapers are very different from any of the other diapers we’ve tried. Because of the elastic in the front, back and legs, the AppleCheeks seem to hold in more mess as well as being trim-fitting. Even double-stuffed, the AppleCheeks still looks trim on J (...)", August 2010. Read full article >

07/30/10 — Birthday Bash: AppleCheeks — "(...) Now for my big announcement… after using the Apple cheeks as an insert and cover for a few weeks I found out I was absolutely, 100% hooked.", July 2010. Read full article >

07/30/10 — AppleCheeks — "Applecheeks are my newest love of cloth diapers. Applecheeks sent me a Little Bundle Envelope Diaper to review and I was so excited. I couldn't believe how excited I was, and even moreso to share it with you all. I always read that people love these diapers and until I received them I now understand why.", July 2010. Read full article >

07/28/10 — Review: Overnight Cloth Diapering —"(...) We were pleasantly surprised when we woke the next morning and realized that nate didn't wake up overnight. when we went to change his diaper, there were no leaks and the bottom of his undershirt wasn't even damp. the applecheeks diaper, on the other hand, was quite heavy. eureka! looks like we've got a winner on our hands! now we just have to get at least one or two more to keep us going between washes.", July 2010. Read full article >

07/19/10 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers Review & Giveway — "And with the fleece the poo rolls right off so its easy. AND I don’t have to pull the insert out which is a huge plus. If I could afford it I would want to have at least half if not more of my stash to be AppleCheeks.", July 2010. Read full article >

07/19/10 — Cloth Diapering Update: 0-5 months — "She's never leaked through at night with the hemp insert, no matter how soaked the diaper is.", July 2010. Read full article >

07/19/10 — AppleCheeks Swim Diapers Review & Giveaway — "It is also cute enough that you don't even have to put swimming trunks over it. They are very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. (...). Overall this Reusable Swim Diaper is awesome and will save you a lot of money.", July 2010. Read full article >

07/16/10 — CLOTH DIAPERING A NEWBORN — "This is especially great for families that want natural fibers against the skin because the AppleCheeks diaper has a viscose from bamboo and organic cotton flat-style insert. With a couple ways to use it, the AppleCheeks Envelope diaper makes for a customizable option for any cloth-diapering family.", July 2010. Read full article >

07/16/10 — CLOTH DIAPERING A NEWBORN — "Our contour diapers that we own are used as inserts and work great, we also use no fold inserts and a few flats which all work very well in our Applecheeks.", July 2010. Read full article >

06/08/10 — AppleCheeks Cover Review — "Hmm another pro, the diaper uses snaps, and only has two rows of snaps, 4 settings for each snap, so not a ton of snaps to snap and not a lot of choices so it is very simple to use and easy for anyone to figure out unlike some other snap diapers.", June 2010. Read full article >

06/14/10 — Product Review - AppleCheeks Swim Diaper — "Voila - an AppleCheeks Swim diaper! I don't need to buy another swim diaper!!! Super cute like the regular AppleCheeks line, they come in 2 sizes and 2 colours (Bonfire & Corsica). 100% polyester Canadian milled mesh is comfortable and breezy to wear at the beach or pool.", June 2010. Read full article >

06/09/10 — COVER THE BOOTY- AppleCheeks 2 size Diapering System Review and Giveaway —"WOW! That was my first impression. The colors available are incredible! My daughter looks so cute in her yummy Raspberry cover! The ruffle edge on the diaper is great at preventing leaks, especially when combined with elastic in the front and back! Speaking of leaks, these inserts absorb everything so leaks are non existent. I have always loved trifold inserts, so when these arrived I was trilled! They dry fast and get very clean, so no left over odors.", June 2010. Read full article >

06/09/10 — Mama Essential #27: AppleCheeks {Review and Giveaway— "I love the versatility of the AppleCheeks system. You can use it as a pocket diaper by stuffing the insert or as a prefold and cover. If you cover the prefold and cover way, which we usually do, you can use the cover a few times before having to wash it again. This is great for us if we are out and don't want to bring a bunch of diapers, we can just bring a few extra inserts and it's perfect! ", June 2010. Read full article >

05/30/10 — AppleCheeks Review and Giveaway! —"Like I mentioned, I also got to try out a Booster and Storage Sac! We've used the Fleece Topped Booster at night, with no leaks, and Lovebug wakes up feeling dry!", May 2010. Read full article >

05/17/10 — An AppleCheeks A Day, Keeps The Rash At Bay — "I am that cloth diapering mama who is scared of anything that is not bulky. I feel like bulk = a lot of absorbing action going on. So I was kind of nervous about using only the inserts I received. But.. I had a job to do.. must review this product. So after doing my prepping of the diaper.. I put it on her for nap. 3 hours later..... NO LEAKING! I was amazed!", May 2010. Read full article >

05/14/10 — The Cloth Diaper Experiment: AppleCheeks Review — "We slept with a poopy 2-year-old for four hours and couldn't smell a thing. Those diapers are amazing. Also, he did have a little rash going, but it that fleece liner had really done an amazing job at wicking away the moisture, so the rash would have been far far worse had he been lying in that stuff in a disposable.", May 2010. Read full article >

04/29/10 — The AppleCheeks 2 Size Diapering System - A Review and Giveaway! — "This is a very nice diapering system. It fits well and it is easy to get a nice fit around both the legs and the waist. It is a little fluffier than I usually prefer, but I love that I can just lay an insert in it and go. I also love that I can use the same cover several times before replacing with a new one. Or I can use it as a pocket if I want to. The inserts are very absorbent and even after just one wash they handled anything Bubby put in them (and lately he has been a heavy wetter). No leaks at all. A high quality, reliable diaper!", April 2010. Read full article >

04/09/10 — Green Thumbs up for AppleCheeks! — "Why Cloth Diapers? That's an excellent question! ", April 2010. Read full article >

03/22/10 — AppleCheeks Envelope Covers —"There's elastic in the front and it makes it so there are no gaps. I was worried that the edges on the top and around the legs would rub his skin and just irritate it, but nope! This diaper left NO red marks AT ALL! My baby has chubby thighs and a fairly big belly and red marks are a common occurance around here. This diaper just amazed me at how well it fit. No leaks! How cute it was, I couldn't stop staring at that adorable little bum! And how easy it was to use. And there's no UN- stuffing! I just throw it in the diaper pail and we're ready to go! Love it!", March 2010. Read full article >

03/22/10 — Have no fear...AppleCheeks cloth diapers and accessories are here! — "After buying one AppleCheeks envelope (...) I had to have more!", March 2010. Read full article >

03/16/10 — Review & Giveaway: AppleCheeks — "I really liked that both inserts were unbleached and the bamboo is naturally antimicrobial so I felt this was the healthiest option for my baby's bottom.", March 2010. Read full article >

03/16/10 — Product Review: AppleCheeks #cloth diapers — "The AppleCheeks diapers have some strong elastic in the legs and it is a different feeling that using other diapers.", March 2010. Read full article >

03/10/10 — AppleCheeks Two Size Diaper Review — "Some of the advantages of a two size diaper are that you can get a better fit compared to many one size diapers, but save money compared to buying 3-5 sizes in sized diapers.", March 2010. Read full article >

03/01/10 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers — "I really like this because they seem easier to stuff and I don’t have to unstuff it before I throw it in the washer.", March 2010. Read full article >

02/23/10 — My AppleCheeks Diaper Review — "(....) their performance is outstanding! I have not experienced any leaks or “poosplosions” in the AppleCheeks™. Overall I’m very impressed with these diapers. Piper likes them too!", February 2010. Read full article >

02/23/10 — My AppleCheeks Diaper Review — "(....) their performance is outstanding! I have not experienced any leaks or “poosplosions” in the AppleCheeks™. Overall I’m very impressed with these diapers. Piper likes them too!", February 2010. Read full article >

02/22/10 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers — "Proudly Canadian, these diapers won us over because they can be used as either a pocket/envelope diaper or as a cover & liner.", February 2010. Read full article >

02/22/10 — Have no fear...AppleCheeks cloth diapers and accessories are here! — "After buying one AppleCheeks envelope with Hemp insert from Justine--formerly of Cottontails Diapers, now of Fluff Envy-- and absolutely loving it for both Béla and Kadie back in January I had to have more!", February 2010. Read full article >

02/22/10 — Fluffy Stuff: AppleCheek — "(...) Great quality diapers. The elastic has held up well to machine washing (and a fair amount of drying, as well....I don't always air-dry). (...) ", February 2010. Read full article >

02/22/10 — The Great Fluffy Review: AppleCheek — "(...) They're dang absorbent. This is yet another diaper I trust to put Snapdragon in and hand him to someone well dressed. Would I let a bride hold him in her wedding gown in this diaper? Yes. I would. Even a bride I like. (...) ", February 2010. Read full article >

02/20/10 — AppleCheek Diaper Review and Giveaway — "(...) We love love loved this diaper! It was a super slim fit, very comparable to the fit of a disposable! It was snug around Little L's legs and back, which prevented any leakage from any sides. (...) ", February 2010. Read full article >

02/17/10 — AppleCheeks — "(...) The diapers wash like a dream – I hung them to dry and the microfleece lining the interior of the diaper remained soft. (...) ", February 2010. Read full article >

02/08/10 — My Review of the AppleCheeks 2 size Pocket Diaper — "(...) One great feature about this pocket design {that I just learned recently, in fact} is that you do not need to un-stuff the diaper before washing—the insert comes out on its own in the wash. (...) ", February 2010. Read full article >

02/08/10 — AppleCheeks review and Giveaway — "(...) I am a huge fan of natural fibers so the bamboo inserts are a huge plus. I mostly like the inserts being flat pieces of cloth (...) ", February 2010. Read full article >

02/01/10 — Diaper Stash — "(...) I decided on Applecheeks. Because: They are designed and made in Canada. As opposed to China or who knows where. This means decent quality and excellent customer service. They are very highly reviewed (...) ", February 2010. Read full article >

01/22/10 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper Video Review — "(...)Like I said above, Applecheeks has the most user friendly guides I have seen. Even though the system isn’t hard to figure out, I imagine even a newbie to cloth diapers would have an easy time (...) ", January 2010. Read full article >

01/10/10 — AppleCheeks - review and giveaway, January 2009 — "(...)Apple Cheeks has a great customer support system which includes an illustrated instruction page, customer service contacts, FAQs, and even video tutorials. There are only two sizes, so you're not having to buy more diapers as soon as your little one hits a growth spurt. (...) ", January 2010. Read full article >

01/09/10 — AppleCheeks - review and giveaway, January 2009 — "(...)So when I received the pre packaged mini test from AppleCheeks I was anxious to pass it on to one of my cloth diapering friends. (...) ", January 2010. Read full article >

12/02/09 — AppleCheeks (giveaway has ended), December 2009 — "I wanted to try them and I've had the great opportunity to test out the AppleCheeks MiniTests cloth diaper, size 2, in the Mrs. Robinson color and with the Viscose from Bamboo inserts. I have been nothing but satisfied when using this diaper. My son is 14 weeks, 15 pounds and has a big belly and super chunky legs so often times diapers leave marks on him (...) ", Decembre 2009 Read full article >

11/25/09 AppleCheeks and at the Atlantic Eco Expo 2009

11/17/09 — AppleCheeks Review and Giveaway Ends December 17, 2009, — "I was thrilled when Ilana from AppleCheeks™ sent Emma the Mini Test Trial Kit for us to Review and try out. This is a New Trial Test Kit from AppleCheeks™ and is the perfect foray for the beginner parent in the world of reusable cloth diapers. This also makes for a great Shower/Christmas gift!! (...)" Mommybloggers, Nov/Dec 2009 Read full article >

10/09/09 — Best "Green" Diapers, October 2009 —"There's a world of eco-friendly, reuseable diapers out there — from liners to inserts, to all-in-ones. To find the best, we turned to the parent testers at PTPA Media. These 12 are their favourites (...) " Today's Parent, October 2009 Read full article > Download pdf >

09/14/09 — Couche lavable AppleCheeks tout en 1, September 2009 — "Ainsi la peau de bébé est en contact avec ce qu’il y a de plus doux. (...)" Aurtourdubio, September 2009 Read full article >

09/11/09 — AppleCheeks, Les couches lavables modernes, September 2009 — "Apple Cheeks, c’est une marque canadienne de couches lavables qui tente de faire bouger les mentalités aussi bien dans son pays qu’en Europe ou aux États-Unis. (...)", September 2009 Read full article >

09/04/09 — AppleCheeks Review & Giveaway, September 2009 — "(...) When I saw one several months ago for a MiniTest from the brand-spanking new AppleCheeks system, I was super excited to enter. I may have jumped up and down a little when I won. (...)", September 2009 Read full article >

09/01/09 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers, September 2009 — "I don't have to tell you that cloth diapers are environmentally friendly (though if you'd like some reasons, here are a few). But they are cost effective and really easy to use. I am kicking myself for waiting until the second child to start using them. (...)", September 2009 Read full article >

08/18/09 — AppleCheeks Diapers Review, August 2009 — "(...) These diapers come in 2 sizes. That is nice because that means the diapers will fit your baby longer, so fewer diapers for you to buy. (...)", August 2009 Read full article >

08/15/09 — AppleCheeks Mini Test Cloth Diaper Giveaway!, August 2009 — "(...) They are so cute! The gathers at the legs and waist are adorable. They fit incredibly well, and you only have 2 sizes to buy. And the inserts work for both sizes. They are one of the trimmest diapers that I have used. The colors are beautiful. They are great at preventing leaks! (...)", August 2009 Read full article >

07/28/09 — AppleCheeks: Two-Size Washable Diapering System, July 2009 — "(...) But what distinguishes AppleCheeks from its competitors is its three-pronged approach to customer service. In addition to downloadable care instructions, the company offers live-person support (...)", July 2009 Read full article >

07/14/09 — Cloth Diapering with Apple Cheeks-Review and Giveaway, July 2009 — "(...) What’s really awesome about the Apple Cheeks system is that they are versatile. You can use it as a pocket diaper, which I prefer. Or you can use it simply as a cover. (...)", July 2009 Read full article >

07/14/09 — PRETTIEST DIAPERS GIVEAWAY, July 2009 — "(...) These are not the old cloth diapers that my parents grew up on. Nor are they the hideous looking plastic pants, that look super soaked and super heavy. Apple Cheeks is a functional reusable diaper that has great form, super cute style, and effective leak control. (...)", July 2009 Read full article >

06/04/09 — Our neighbors in Canada, know how to do a diaper right!, June 2009 — "(...) Canadian made and also come in a variety of beautiful colours. With a micro-fleece lining and two rows of snaps, this envelope-cover style provides a breathable, comfortable diaper for your little one. (...)", June 2009 Read full article >

06/04/09 — Tried, Tested & True: Another Way To Stretch Your Dollars, June 2009 — "(...) One of the greatest things about Applecheeks is that they make it easy for you to get started, by offering kits that are ready to go. (...)", June 2009 Read full article >

06/04/09 — AppleCheeks Reusable Diapers: Review and Giveaways, June 2009 — "(...) Here's the great thing about Apple Cheeks though-their customer support is amazing! They really provide newbie with everything we need to succeed. (...)", June 2009 Read full article >

05/29/09 — Review and Giveaway AppleCheeks Cloth Diaper, May 2009 — "(...)All my excitement was not in vain, either. My (err, Baby C's) diaper arrived quickly from Canada--where, I might add, these diapers are entirely made with pride! The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the diaper's incredible color! The hue was a bright but oh-so-fun shade of Raspberry Sorbet. (...)", May 2009 Read full article >

05/29/09 — Win: AppleCheeks Diaper System - MORE THAN A POCKET DIAPER!, May 17, 2009 — "(...)Straight off, when choosing a diaper, I realized that the diaper was unique in the way they are sized. There are two sizes to choose from - Size 1 and Size 2. (...)" Themombuzz, May 17, 2009 Read full article >

05/29/09 — An Interview (& Giveaway!) with Apple Cheeks Cloth Diapers, May 2009 — "Many of you have sent me emails asking if I have tried Apple Cheeks diapers. It seems that way down here in south Texas I have been missing out on a hit diaper. (...)", May 2009 Read full article >

05/29/09 — Giveaway: AppleCheeks Diapers, May 2009 — "(...)AppleCheeks diapers are unique in that they can be used either as a pocket diaper with an insert stuffed inside, or as a cover with the insert folded and laid on top. (...)", May 2009 Read full article >

05/15/09 — AppleCheeks Diapers: A Review, May 2009 — "(...)The AppleCheeks system is unique in the cloth diapering world, as it's an "envelope system". It's similar to pocket diapers, except the "pocket" is in the middle of the diaper. (...)", May 2009 Read full article >

05/15/09 — Not Your Mother’s Cloth Diapers, May 2009 —"(...)But the new reusable diapers from AppleCheeks inspired me to give cloth diapering another look. First of all, these diapers are adorable. They’re available in 10 colors, and they have a snug yet comfortable fit thanks to the soft elastic at the openings and the easily-adjustable snaps at the waist. (...)", May 2009 Read full article >

05/04/09 — And the AppleCheeks Giveaway Winner is......, May 2009 — "(...)Many of you know that I love the AppleCheeks™ Envelope Diaper, it is truly one of my favorite and first reached for diapers in my stash. I am so excited to be able to share this fabulous diaper with you! (...)", May 2009 Read full article >

05/04/09 — Apple Cheeks for Tiny Bums, May 2009 — "(...)The latest diaper to strike my fancy is a pocket diaper made right here in Canada called Apple Cheeks. I’m all over this diaper. And I’ll tell you why (...)", May 2009 Read full article >

04/02/09 — Apple Cheeks, April 2009 — "(...)The innovations in cloth diaper design is incredible these days and AppleCheeks continues to please cloth diapering parents around the world. (...)", April 2009 Read full article >

02/27/09 Today's ParentToday's Parent — Cool Cloth Diaper, Winter 2008 — "(...)Applecheeks "envelope-style" diapers are dual purpose cloth diapers: The pocket design holds (...)" Today's Parent, Winter 2008 Read full article >

01/28/09 Green on the Rock — Baby, You've Got the Cutest Little Cheeks, January, 2009 — "These are some of the most amazing cloth diapers that I have come across! (...)" Green on the Rock, January 27, 2009 Read full article >

01/22/09 — AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers, January, 2009 —"These are by far the best cloth diaper on the market. They are trim fitting, attractive and versatile. (...)", January 22, 2009 Read full article >

01/09/09 The Montreal GazetteThe Montreal Gazette — Green Gifts, December, 2008 — "Sweet Cheeks: A great gift for expectant or new parents on your shopping list. (...)" The Montreal Gazette, December 9,2008 Read full article >

11/20/08 Glimpse — Cute 'n Comfy AppleCheeks!, November, 2008 — "Let's just start of by saying that cloth dipaers are FABULOUS...and our latest addition to our cloth diaper pile is no exception! (...)" Glimpse, November 2008 Read full article >

10/10/08 City Parent Baby Fall 2008 Book — New Cloth Option, October, 2008 — "For Parents leaning closer towards the cloth side of the diaper debate,(...)" City Parent Baby Fall 2008 Book, October 2008 Read full article >

09/24/08 Urban Baby — Reusable Diapers, October, 2008 — "(...) Who says reusable diapers can't be be cute and help save the environment at the same time?." (...)" Urban Baby, October 2008 Read full article >

09/20/08 Montreal Families — A New Contton and Hemp Diaper, October, 2008 — "(...) The two women created these diapers because they weren't completely satisfied with the cloth diapers available on the market." (...)" Montreal Families, October 2008 Read full article >

09/15/08 Canadian Family — Eco-Living, October, 2008 — "(...) Dsigned by two Montreal moms to be "leakproof and stylish, so that using cloth diapers wouldn't be a crazy thought," (...)" Canadian Family, October 2008 Read full article >

09/02/08 Styles de Vie — Couches lavables, August/September, 2008 — "On sait que la couche jetable forme une montagne indécente de déchets, mais on sait aussi que les couches lavables ne font pas la joie de tous nouveaux parents. Voici pourtant une création québeecoise qui pourrait avoir du succès : la couche AppleCheeks incorpore de nouvelles technologie dans le domaine du textile et permet une efficacité exceptionnelle en plus d'un look mignon. (...)" Styles de Vie, August/September 2008 Read full article >

08/21/08 Salut, Bonjour ! , Le 21 Août, 2008 — An AppleCheeks™ starter kit was presented on air by morning show host Gino Chouinard to Jean Airoldi as a gift on the occasion of the birth of his new baby girl.

08/19/08 Getting Cheeky , August 19, 2008 — "From the bulkiness factor to our little apple bottom screaming at the least bit of wetness, we gave up on cloth. (Oh the eco-shame.) Then we came across AppleCheeks, a new reusable diapering system from Montreal moms Ilana Grostern and Amy Appleton Venu, that's soaks above the rest. (...)" Read full article >

08/11/08 The Gazette — Green Life , August 15, 2008 — "Today's new parents have way more choices for reusable diapers than I did back in the '90s when my kids were born. I recently received a sample of a new product called AppleCheeks that are made here in Montreal and they look way better than anything available back then. (...)" Michelle Lalonde, The Gazette Read full article >

08/08/08 Le Lundi — Des couches écologiques!, August 8, 2008 — "Les AppleCheeks sont une nouvelle génération de couches lavables conçues et fabriquées au Canada. (...)" Louise Robitaille, Le Lundi Vol. 32 No. 20, 8 Aug 2008 Read full article >

07/25/08 7 Jours Pour les petits, July 25, 2008 — "Le nouveau système AppleCheeks est idéal pour les mamans qui veulent troquer les couches jetables contre des couches plus écologiques. (...)" Louise Pilon, 7 Jours Vol. 19 No. 40, 25 July 2008 Read full article >

07/19/08 Focus Montreal with Jamie Orchard — Interview with AppleCheeks co-founder Amy Appleton-Venu. Air date: August 19, 2008 - Global Television
07/07/08 Calgary Herald — Funky reusable diapers — "A new kind of reusable diaper is cute, easy to use and environment-friendly. (...)" Trent Edwards, Calgary Herald Read full article >