How Many Diapers?

How Many Diapers Do I Need?

We recommend purchasing enough diapers to be able to do 36 changes between washes. Due to the hybrid nature of our system (see this video for a full explanation of how it works), this means either 12 covers and 36 inserts OR 36 inserts and 36 covers.

  • For full time cloth diaper use: 36 inserts and 12 covers
  • For part time cloth diaper use: 12 inserts and 4-6 covers

Please note that these recommendations are based on the presumption that you don’t want to do laundry more often than every three days. These are the MINIMUM amounts we suggest per child.

Your diapers will last longer if you have more in your rotation and wash less often, so we suggest buying more than the recommended amount. Also note that when you size up it is not necessary to purchase additional flats unless you desire more quantity.

Our AppleCheeks™ one-size viscose from bamboo inserts will fit both your Size 1 and Size 2 AppleCheeks™ envelope covers.