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Replacing Elastics – The Tutorial

A huge thanks to Alyssa Nelson of www.deerparknelsonacres.blogspot.com for putting together this great tutorial about how to replace the elastic on your AppleCheeks Envelope covers! If you would like us to replace them for you, please use the email us form to get in touch!

Recently I purchased a couple of used AppleCheeks Size 2 covers. The previous owner said she only had them 2-3 months. Well, I over paid for what I got! The Coriander cover needed both leg elastics and the back elastic replaced and I could have replaced the front elastic also but chose to wait because I had two toddlers crawling all over me during this process and it didn't need it as much as the other three places. I want to say that AppleCheeks are by far the easiest diaper I have to replace elastic, all because it is serged on the outside so there is no casing to have thread through or top stitching that the elastic could have been caught in depending on manufacturing steps. So here is how I replaced the elastic in the Coriander cover. Excuse the somewhat blurred pictures my point and shoot doesn't focus as well as my DSL camera: Continue reading