How can I get my diapers white again after they have been stained?

Staining is a byproduct of the purpose of your diapers and while they are esthetically undesirable, the general mantra is that if they smell clean, they are clean! However, we understand that some people do not want their babies sporting stained diapers, so here are our recommendations:

  • The sun makes the best natural bleach! Simply hang your diapers in the sun for an hour or two and watch stains disappear. You should avoid placing your AppleCheeks diaper covers in direct, hot sun.
  • Oxygen bleach products (do not use OxyClean as this is a harsh product that will eat away at your diaper’s elastic) are gentle bleaching agents that effectively remove stains. They may be fine on inserts but should not be used on covers. Dissolve 1/4 cup of oxygen bleach in hot water in a bucket and soak your inserts for two hours, then wash and dry as normal. We do not recommend frequent usage of oxygen bleaches.