If I have a high efficiency front loading washer, are there any special steps I should be taking?

While HE washers represent some huge leaps forward in water conservation, they unfortunately make diaper washing a bit of a challenge. Not to worry, though! There are workarounds:

  • First off, you don’t have to use any special HE detergent. Just use 1/4 of the manufacturer-recommended amount of detergent. For best results with your diaper, we strongly suggest using cloth diaper compatible detergent such as Claudias Choices, Nature Clean, Allen’s Naturally, also suitable for HE washers. For more suggestions, please refer to this link:  http://www.diaperjungle.com/detergent-chart.html
  • If you have the option, please use your HEAVY DUTY OR EQUIVALENT setting as this will instruct the machine to use the maximum amount of water.
  • If you have the option, set your machine to do an EXTRA RINSE. This will help remove any additional detergent and prevent residue.
  • If you are consistently noticing that your diapers are coming out of the wash with an unpleasant odour, we recommend doing an additional wash every time with NO DETERGENT.