Now, what the heck is stripping, and why should I do it?

The plain fact of the matter is that no matter how well you’ve followed our care instructions, detergent buildup can still occur and cause problems. Symptoms of detergent buildup include repelling diapers, stinky diapers, and diapers that just don’t seem as absorbant as they once did, or diapers that are suddenly starting to leak. But never fear, all this can be fixed by stripping!
To strip, please follow our directions:

  1. We recommend a phosphate-free detergent that is designed not to leave residue. You should be using a detergent like these for all your diaper washes.
  2. Put all of your diapers through a hot wash with the recommended amount of chosen detergent.
  3. Put all of your diapers through four more hot washes with no detergent. You can choose to add half a cup of baking or washing soda.
  4. Dry your diapers as per our instructions. We recommend hanging your AppleCheeks Envelope Covers to dry, but all inserts can be tumble-dried on medium or hot.